Your Air Needs Watering: Humidifiers

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It’s obviously the apocalypse winter.

The pre-war blast furnace you call a radiator is trying it’s best to turn your apartment into an oven. That’s not good. When you can inhale and burn your nostrils, the air is too dry. And unlike say, being out of paper towels, this is a problem that could actually affect your sleep and your health (no offense paper towels). Here are two, small, beautiful options that’ll keep you feeling at ease through winter’s assault.

Keep the humidifier small since you’re not humidifying a large area, and occupying floor space with something you’re only using for a few months isn’t efficient. Of course, sticking to our principles of beautiful, small space design here are two options that are also aesthetically pleasing. Yes, of course that matters.

Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier


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A travel version is perfect for small apartment use and this sleek model from Air-O-Swiss also picks up bonus points for recycling a used water bottle (wash it first). It looks excellent while humidifying your space at a power toll of only 15 watts. The compact footprint is an obvious benefit and the 5 inch unit has no issues treating 300-400 square foot spaces with cool mist (doctors recommend cool mist vs warm mist humidifiers). The reservoir size is a small price to pay for something this compact, energy efficient, green, and good-looking. The kit comes with universal adapter plugs for traveling, a travel bag, and doubles as a night light, in case you’re afraid of the dark and dry air.

Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier

Mast Eco-Humidifier

Mast Humidifier

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Humidifier or modern art? Exactly. The Mast Humidifier designed by Shin Okada, to emulate a sailboat and it’s mast, is stunning. Requiring no electricity, this humidifier emits a subtle woody scent and 10 times more water into the air than that “tray of water by the radiator” trick your mom taught you. It also looks better while doing it. It’s delicately cut from Japanese Cypress wood and comes in three sizes. You’d certainly want to use distilled or purified water for this one, but the trade off when your guests confuse your humidifier with art is priceless. You’ll have to email their North American Sales reps to find one, it seems to be sold out online unless you want to get your Japanese Proxy on, and there’s nothing wrong with getting your Japanese Proxy on.

Mast Eco-Humidifier (

Check out the other solutions for your space here.

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