Vacation Season: A Primer


By: Dale

Welcome to “Vacation Season”. Everyone is doing it.

Each successful trip starts with a carefully planned packing process. Or you could try waiting until the last minute and getting angry at the four hours of sleep you got while running through the airport. A tactic I affectionately call “my way.” Here is the key to the former method while completely avoiding the latter.

For seven days I went with 10-12 pairs of underwear (not shown), 10 shirts, 3 shorts, 3 pants, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 swim trunk, loafers, sandals, running shoes (not shown), a hat, a belt, and a linen scarf.

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The staff of hommeschooled has been all over the world this summer. When it was my turn to threaten never to come back I chose The Big Island of Hawaii.

No matter where you’re going, destination and duration are the first things to consider. In my case, seven days on an island in the Pacific. Once you’ve determined where and how long your vacation is you can asses what you’ll need to bring.

But before you start stuffing your wardrobe into your suitcase(s), check the weather. Your phone will do it in about 2 seconds but you can’t stop there, either ask a local, friend, or do some quick research on what the weather will be like. You’re going to want to know if a 30% chance of rain means a little rain all day or a 30% you’ll need fucking Swimmies for an hour. Check with someone who’s been there, you’ll be happy you did.

Now that the logistics are in place you can start planning your vacation attire and think about the overall formality of your vacation. Is this beach bum or black tie? What will you do on this trip? Lay out what you might want to wear on your bed and look for versatile selections, pieces that fit one overall color scheme that you can wear throughout your trip. This may be the time to leave those red suede deck shoes at home, unless you happen to attend a very swank daytime yacht party, you’re looking for versatility. Make sure your shoes go with everything, the same goes for your shirts, pants and jacket. And always bring a jacket.

After you’ve selected everything, fold them, roll them into tubes and pack your suitcase from the outer walls inward. Shoes first, soles out, and don’t forget your camera.

Definitely check out the greatest travel tip ever here. It will extend that vacation feeling long after you come home.

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