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Aesop Travel Size


Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory (crazy science) and this tip will give you that vacation feel any time, long after you’ve come back home.

Malin + Goetz Travel Size

Before you leave, buy a fragrant face wash. Face wash is great for this because you’ll close your eyes to use it and you’ll probably use it at least twice a day. Step two, use it daily while you’re there. That’s it.

When you return home, any time you want to feel like you did on vacation, pull out the travel face wash and voilĂ , you’ll instantly be transported back to paradise because your brain has associated that smell with that location. Use it any time your morning routine needs a pick-me-up or the truly decadent can buy the full size when they get home…

Here are two travel kits worth exploring (see what I did there?):

For the paranoid, test the face wash on your skin before you leave, just don’t breathe too deeply…

If you need the perfect weekend bag to put these in. Moore & Giles has you covered.

Have a travel tip? Leave it in the comments. Tried this tip or going to try it? Let me know how it worked.

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