Tips: Simple Shoe Shine

How they should always look on your feet.

A few weeks ago I taught you how to shine your shoes.

This week I’ll teach you how to get an acceptable shine by cheating.

You’ll only need a few things, water, paper towel, and lotion. Yes, leather is a lot like your skin and you can use a small amount of hand or body lotion to moisturize it just like you do on your own body or hands.

Don’t use a lotion with fragrances or additives, and I wouldn’t do this on a pair of $2000 St. Crispin’s but I would on a dark (dark brown or black) pair of every day loafers (read under $300).

With a damp paper towel wipe the leather clean but don’t moisten it. This is just to take off the layer of dirt that’s accumulated which is┬áthe reason you need an impromptu shine in the first place. After that massage a small dab of hand or body lotion into the leather like you would if you were conditioning it.

Emphasis on small, you want to layer it on lightly. In a few minutes your shoes should be 100% more respectable than they were when you started.

It’s no substitute for a real shoe shine, but when you need a touch up, you can’t go wrong.

To get a real deal shine check here.

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