Tips: Quick Dry



Sometimes your favorite shirt isn’t available.

Those aren’t great times…

Here’s how to get it ready for that event that you have in an hour or two even if it needs washing and drying. Even if putting it in the dryer isn’t an option. We’ve all been there.

I experimented with this in college with my first pair of selvedge denim (I still have them and they still fit), but I’ve kept procrastinating so it came in handy just a few weeks ago. The issue was that I had something to go to and I wanted to wear a particular shirt, but that shirt was still sitting on top of the laundry pile about an hour prior to the event. Even a hand wash and dry in a machine would take too long at that point, so I did what I used to do in college if I needed something dry within an hour.

I hand washed the shirt as I usually would and then pressed out the excess water (roll it in a towel and press, but you don’t want to crush it, do it lightly on flat parts of the shirt), then since it was a nice day, I put on the wet shirt (this works better with darker colors since no one can tell the shirt is wet) and went for a stroll. The shirt was dry within 45 mins, from a combination of body heat and sun.

It helps that the day was nearly 80° and walking around in a cold, damp shirt was actually pleasant. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you have to have it and you’ve procrastinated like me, it’s your best bet. Just suck it up, deal with the cold for half an hour and no one will know you waited until the very last minute to clean and dry that special piece.

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