Tips: Avoiding Hangovers



During the holidays, you may… overindulge.

If that happens, a little planning can be the difference between feeling like death and feeling like, well, not death.

Here’s how to beat it.

You’re going to need to replace the salts you lost while “breaking the seal” (for the 5th time) that night. The best way to do this is with an electrolyte (read: sports) drink before you go to sleep, pick one up at the deli on the way home. But if you knew you were going to have one too many picklebacks at the company party and planned ahead, the same results can come from a coconut water. Add two painkillers before you go to sleep and you should come out the other side just fine.

If you’re already feeling like death warmed over, try toast with a little honey. It’ll replace what you’ve lost but it’s still a last ditch effort. The best way is planning ahead…

The other best way is not having too many picklebacks at the company party. With great power comes great responsibility…

Have a tip for beating a hangover? I’d love to hear it. Seriously, I would really love to hear it. Right now, actually.

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