Tie Game

1900s Inky Batik & Dusty Blue Stripe Skinny by General Knot & Co.


The tie movement has been around for awhile, although I’ve never wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I just didn’t find them interesting.

But this Spring I’m going to wear more ties.

I don’t wear them often, because I don’t have to. But now that I want to, that makes all the difference. I’ve also recently discovered options I can get behind. That helps. Here are the best this season.

Listed as a cotton tie for Fall this Inky Paisley & Italian Indigo Necktie from General Knot Company is pure beauty for Spring. With hints of camel, deep french blue and old rose wear it with a blue chambray shirt for Spring perfection.

Click Image to See My Favorites

I used to feel ties were fussy and unnecessary. Constricting and stiff I usually steered clear unless I had to. I would always opt for a rakish scarf in cooler months or leave my shirt open to let in a little breeze when the weather got warmer. But lately my mind has changed.

Now I see them more as an opportunity to have some fun (and do so without spending a lot of money).

The variety of looks you can wear with ties have become endless. Pretty much any well-fitting collared shirt and outerwear combination can be worn casually with a tie (not just sport coats). It’s especially true in Spring where ties will be comfortable in sub 75° weather. Use them as they were intended, to pull your look together and lift everyone’s eyes to your face.

Remember, that’s what you want.

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