Thin Money

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Yesterday I was traveling.

I spent the weekend at the Princeton reunion (spectator not graduate) and it had me thinking a lot about fat wallets (theirs not mine). But no matter how many zeros your bank account has, here are the best ways to hold your money, including my personal carry.

There’s some debate about whether to go the slim billfold route or the money clip and card case route, neither is incorrect; like most things in life it comes down to personal preference. But let’s agree, both are better than a wallet that looks like it’s never seen an old receipt that it didn’t like.

A stunning calfskin billfold from Chester Mox packs a lot of wallet into a slim profile. Featuring six card slots, two internal pockets, and a bill compartment, this 100% handmade in the USA beauty is also hand burnished, polished, and buffed. It pretty much dares you to find a more beautifully patinated leather.

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Keep your wallet slim and stunning because it might be a complete luxury soon in the digital age. But for now whatever you decide to put your money in should be as stylish as the rest of you. Very.

All of the above will work, unless you’re a wise guy. Then you need a roll.

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