Welcome to The Fare


I can hardly believe it, Hommeschooled turns one today!

I’d like to thank my loyal readers, none of this would be possible, or worth it, without you.

But now that Hommeschooled is one year old, moving around on it’s own and eating solid foods, it’s time to expand my vision. The first brand new section of the site is near and dear to my heart and will launch today, it’s focused on incredibly delicious things.

Welcome to The Fare. Continue reading

Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

Kai D. Williamsburg


You’ll need to dress well in 2014, too.

Welcome back.

Since it’s the first Monday of the new year let me introduce a store that’ll help with that “well dressed” part. Kai D. Utility re-opened their doors last month, in Williamsburg. Continue reading

Tips: Free Express Shipping

Christmas Gift


You’ve procrastinated long enough. Apparently just long enough. You’re getting free express shipping from the retailers below. If you fail to act, beyond this, I can not help you… Continue reading