A Chair Disguise


Image via little-workshop.com


It’s been a gloriously long weekend¬†of remembrance.

Welcome back.

While I was upstate celebrating with my family I noticed something hiding under a few magazines and some reading glasses, a vintage piano bench masquerading as a side table. That’s a great idea. Continue reading

A Little Wish List


Last Sunday was my birthday. I applaud your continued celebration.

Since I was doing a little wishing, here are seven items that make my wish list. I really swing for the fences. Continue reading

Tie Game

1900s Inky Batik & Dusty Blue Stripe Skinny by General Knot & Co.


The tie movement has been around for awhile, although I’ve never wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I just didn’t find them interesting.

But this Spring I’m going to wear more ties.

I don’t wear them often, because I don’t have to. But now that I want to, that makes all the difference. I’ve also recently discovered options I can get behind. That helps. Here are the best this season. Continue reading