When Your Mouth is Bored…

20150426-photo 3-2

By: Snax

Photography: Dale (Pics are from my falafel, Snax devoured hers before I got photos)

I’ve been eating “clean” for about two weeks, which for me, can mean a variety of different things. Right now, it means significantly reducing the amount of sugar and carbs that I typically mainline on a daily basis.

This week, I reached my limit. Don’t get me wrong, eating clean is great, but when I have to prepare everything myself and then it doesn’t look or taste like something out of the pages of Bon Appetit or Gourmet magazine, I rapidly lose interest.

I desired a taste explosion. I wanted something that was delicious and filling, but still relatively healthy so a cheeseburger deluxe was out of the question…

My first thought was falafel.
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