Go to Hell Denim

Photos by Celton Agpoon


Before mother nature reneges on the whole “having seasons” thing and plunges us back into polar vortex hell…

Spring is here, let’s celebrate, defiantly.

Leave your coat open, put on shoes instead of boots, and replace your indigo with white. That’s right, your denim should be white this Spring. Take that, Winter. Continue reading

Holidays Rescued: Gift Guide Pt. II

Polo Bear Sweater


Along with home gifts, you may want to consider clothing someone else for the holidays. This decision is rife with danger, but here are a few foolproof solutions. Don’t be ashamed if you keep one for yourself. Continue reading

The Layer Cake: Layering Guide

Layer Guide Cover


Layering is not easy. It’s a measure of your sartorial greatness for nearly nine months of the year. But like all things, knowing what you’re doing helps…

Welcome to the Layer Guide.

You’ve studied both parts of the Style Equation (keep all the principles in mind, they’ll help), and now you’re ready for the Layer Equation. Let’s begin. Continue reading