Record Burn


By: J Chen

What’s up internets. If you read this site, congratulations, you have great taste. You, unlike all the mouth breathing non-readers of hommeschooled on the web, already know that style is not just about your wares and gear. Style is inside out. Style is a state of mind. Style is zen and nothing gets your mind right like a good record.

This is Record Burn, where we select and share gems of the musical variety that we can’t take off repeat.  We’re a diverse group here, so we’ll feature demos, tracks, mixtapes, albums, etc. from anywhere– obscure 70’s italian disco groups to Young Thug. They all come certified fresh from staff here, so act like you know.  Without further ado, let’s get it: Continue reading

Style Icon: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr.


A career spanning six decades of old Hollywood is impressive. Being a Black Jewish man with a legendary career spanning six decades in the golden age of Hollywood is incredible. Oh, and he was part of a little group called The Rat Pack.

Routinely one of the best dressed men in a sea of best dressed men, in honor of black history month, our second Style Icon…

Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. Continue reading

Frank & Dean & Sammy & Peter & Joey.

20131010-2013-10-10 21.04.36 HDR


There are coffee table books, and then there are coffee table booksThis is the latter.

A book so legendary, that other venerable books (magazines) needed to celebrate it’s release last Thursday. Spoiler alert: it’s about the Rat Pack; and Paul Stuart held a party co-hosted by Esquire Magazine to display it’s magnificence. Naturally Hommeschooled was in attendance. Continue reading

Style Equation Part I

Style Lessons via World of Warcraft… Wait, What?



This is the first post in the Style Theory Series. Careful, knowledge is heavy.

There is no doubt in my mind that you know someone who went to fashion week plays World of Warcraft. A lot… And you love them in spite of it. Your eyes glaze over whenever they talk about raiding, PvP, end game… or really anything related. Likewise their eyes glaze over whenever you talk about layering, summer essentials, dub monks… or really anything related. But while the differences are cataclysmic (bonus points alert), you’ve got something to learn from each other.

So what exactly does World of Warcraft have to do with style? Quite a bit actually. Wait… What? Continue reading