Planning is Now Your Strong Suit



Your wardrobe.

Think about it.

Now think about what your wardrobe would look like if you had a plan. Since Spring collections have arrived, and the last of the Winter sales have come and gone, it’s time to make a buying plan. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


I hope you all celebrated mightily when 2013 became last year.

A recap of the year at Hommeschooled. All the best posts that you may have missed, because knowing is half the battle (GI Joe). Continue reading

Style Vets: Part I

Robert Deniro Taxi Driver


The military has contributed some of the best details and items to menswear in the history of men wearing clothes.

It’s Veterans Day. Enjoy a Veteran.

Here’s a tribute to military style. Continue reading

The Layer Cake: Layering Guide

Layer Guide Cover


Layering is not easy. It’s a measure of your sartorial greatness for nearly nine months of the year. But like all things, knowing what you’re doing helps…

Welcome to the Layer Guide.

You’ve studied both parts of the Style Equation (keep all the principles in mind, they’ll help), and now you’re ready for the Layer Equation. Let’s begin. Continue reading

Style Equation Part II

Adjust your Comfort Zone. Safely…



We’re going to have to broaden your comfort zone.

This is the second post in the Style Theory Series. Check out Part I, I’ll wait.

Now, we’ve all tried some daring style choices. Some of them have worked out, others have left friends puzzled, relatives worried, and passersby… also puzzled. You just didn’t look comfortable. But unless you put on something particularly garish (we’re not talking white jeans after Labor Day here) it probably wasn’t the clothing that was wrong, it was how you wore that clothing. Continue reading