Tie Game

1900s Inky Batik & Dusty Blue Stripe Skinny by General Knot & Co.


The tie movement has been around for awhile, although I’ve never wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I just didn’t find them interesting.

But this Spring I’m going to wear more ties.

I don’t wear them often, because I don’t have to. But now that I want to, that makes all the difference. I’ve also recently discovered options I can get behind. That helps. Here are the best this season. Continue reading

Tips: Hand Washing Wools



Now that you can officially call “no-backsies” on Spring, it’s time to put away the heavy wool and cashmere from the polar vortex era.

But instead of sending everything out to be dry cleaned, hand washing will save your garments and your wallet. Here’s how. Continue reading