Dining Room: Under Construction


By: Dale

It’s been a year since I’ve moved into my new apartment and now I remember how hard it is to turn a house into a home. It’s been slow, but it’s about to get real.

After figuring out how to never put my shoes on standing up ever again, the next room we needed to tackle was the dining room. The space behind our couch we initially envisioned as an office, so she could do real people work and I could talk to all of you on the innanets — but the location, lack of door, and flow of the space made it more useful as a dining room. But neither of us had a dining room before, or an actual dining table to fill it with…  Continue reading

A Lightbulb Moment



It’s time we had a talk. The barren upside down landscape that is your apartment ceiling could use a little love. It’s not for lack of effort though, you changed to compact fluorescents because you wanted to save money, and stop killing planet Earth. You soon discovered the light was too harsh, so you thought about dimmers but they just don’t work with CFLs. You switched to table and floor lamps but that just left you, unsatisfied… It’s time to take action because change won’t come from them, it’ll come from HueContinue reading