Shoe Tripping



Excellent shoes don’t find themselves.

I’ve been looking for a new pair and this time I had something very specific in mind. I wanted something versatile enough to dress up or down and beautiful enough to go anywhere.

What began as a search for one pair of shoes turned into a hunt that brought me to the far reaches of the shoe world. I didn’t realize how far down the rabbit hole I would go. Continue reading

It Must Be the Shoes

Quoddy Trunk Show at Leffot

Quoddy Swatches


Look down. Look at your shoes. Serviceable, they got you to wherever you are pretty fine, but let’s imagine that you may want something a little more “moccasin-ier”. For instance, a handmade piece of art for your feet.

On Saturday, Quoddy had it’s first trunk show ever. I’ll let that sink in… Ever.

They brought all of their painstakingly hand crafted, moccasin constructed shoes from Maine to Leffot. And it was glorious.  Continue reading