A Cardboard Lifesaver


By: Dale

When I first moved into my new place, a few things became apparent. Quickly.

I knew exactly what I had too much of (anything made from paper), too little of (forks), and ultimately what would drive me insane (sitting on the floor to tie my shoes).

The paper, I couldn’t get rid of fast enough, I contemplated fire, and I’m still not sure how I lost or disposed of that many metal forks, but there are less of them now and I have learned to cope. However the last problem really got to me. Continue reading




You’re going to have good great ideas.

And you can’t have them at a poorly lit desk. It’s 2014, year of basking in a gloriously lit abode (and also of the horse). Let’s light your good side a little better with a lighting upgrade. Continue reading

Holidays Rescued: Gift Guide Pt. I


Gents, The holiday season is here, and damn that was fast. Before you panic, I haven’t gotten any gifts yet either, we’ll get through this together. Let’s begin with gifts for the home. It’s easier, one size, generally fits all. Continue reading

The Flat Pack: Folding Chairs and Tables

Flux Chair Jet Black


There are some things you can change, and then there are things you can’t.

The size of your apartment is a thing you can’t.

But let’s concentrate on what you can fill it with. Here are a few solutions for the severely space challenged. Continue reading

Bathroom Reading



Swag is not a term used to describe bathrooms. They’re small, cramped, smelly… Not glamorous. But just because you don’t think about your bathroom often doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. When dealing with small spaces, all the space counts. Changing your bathroom into an inviting place is easier than you think. It has to be, there’s not enough room for it to get complicated. Continue reading