A Cardboard Lifesaver


By: Dale

When I first moved into my new place, a few things became apparent. Quickly.

I knew exactly what I had too much of (anything made from paper), too little of (forks), and ultimately what would drive me insane (sitting on the floor to tie my shoes).

The paper, I couldn’t get rid of fast enough, I contemplated fire, and I’m still not sure how I lost or disposed of that many metal forks, but there are less of them now and I have learned to cope. However the last problem really got to me. Continue reading

Rained Out



There is nothing in the known universe worse than damp socks. Nothing.

Although Spring has technically arrived, it’s going to snow, rain, and be otherwise unruly for awhile. So before you pull out the light suede or leather soles, you need a pair of rain boots. Here are your footwear options for any upcoming weather situations categorized as “inclement”. Continue reading

Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

Kai D. Williamsburg


You’ll need to dress well in 2014, too.

Welcome back.

Since it’s the first Monday of the new year let me introduce a store that’ll help with that “well dressed” part. Kai D. Utility re-opened their doors last month, in Williamsburg. Continue reading

WP Lavori to Open First North American Flagship Store in Brooklyn

WP Lavori Store


Japan, Italy, France, England. They’re all so… inconveniently located.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but they make some of the best clothing on earth. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to cross ocean to see some of the world’s best menswear all in one place. All on say, Smith Street in Brooklyn.

Blissfully, 30 year old Italian company WP Lavori is going to make that happen. They’re going to open their first flagship store in this hemisphere, right here in Brooklyn. Continue reading