Summer Blockbuster: MTM Suit by Secret Empire

Photos by Celton Agpoon

We’re right in the middle of the trickiest #menswear season of them all.

Summer wedding season.

Not only are you expected to look your seasonally appropriate best, you have to do so without sweating your ass off. And as temperatures and humidity rise to unreasonable levels of grossness I have three weddings to go to in the next two months. I needed a new suit. Continue reading

Home Kit: Rep Team USA in Style



The World Cup has started and the rest of the world is already sick of us.

And like a lot of things that won’t go away, we’re going to rear our head once every four years and overdo it; like only Americans can. Head to your local soccer bar (currently every bar with a TV) like this and you’ll win no matter what happens. Which is good, because Americans hate losing (and we’re a longshot). Continue reading

From Mallorca with Love

Cover Photo by TJ Roberts


The next destination for footwear enlightenment is Spain.

Not England, not Italy, but Spain.

That’s because there is a very old shoemaker in Mallorca, with a shoemaking lineage dating back to 1866. Carmina is known for crafting the finest shoes the country has ever produced. And I didn’t have to leave New York City to find them. Continue reading

Menswear Simplified: Introducing Aimé Leon Dore

Wool Fedora, Cable Knit Scarf, Nylon Vest, and Signature Oxford by Aimé Leon Dore.


Menswear is complicated. Layers, trends, fit, etc.

It’d be nice if someone would simplify it by releasing a 13 piece ready to wear collection. One so easy you can mix and match everything and own every piece for $65-$320.

Good thing Aimé Leon Dore exists. Continue reading