A Jar of Pure Joy


If the weather is going to insist on being this flawless, I’m not going inside.

Ever again.

I’ll assume you’re with me, but that doesn’t mean we should skimp on the decor. A few pieces of mood lighting can go a long way, inside as well as out.

It also helps if the mood lighting fills you with childhood wonder.  Continue reading

A Light Revolution

Plumen 002 & Drop Cap Pendants


Let’s not use the word “revolutionize” lightly.

But when the company that designed the most beautiful energy efficient light bulb in the world releases a second model, well now you have my attention.

The Plumen 002, energy efficient mood lighting for the design savvy. Continue reading




You’re going to have good great ideas.

And you can’t have them at a poorly lit desk. It’s 2014, year of basking in a gloriously lit abode (and also of the horse). Let’s light your good side a little better with a lighting upgrade. Continue reading