Thin Money

20140601-photo 2


Yesterday I was traveling.

I spent the weekend at the Princeton reunion (spectator not graduate) and it had me thinking a lot about fat wallets (theirs not mine). But no matter how many zeros your bank account has, here are the best ways to hold your money, including my personal carry.

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Fragrance Notes: CDG 2 MAN



This is the rare combination. A unique and universal crowd pleaser (I dare you to find a negative review).

Commes des Garçons 2 MAN has been around awhile and for good reason, it’s an absolute classic. Continue reading

Holidays Rescued: Gift Guide Pt. I


Gents, The holiday season is here, and damn that was fast. Before you panic, I haven’t gotten any gifts yet either, we’ll get through this together. Let’s begin with gifts for the home. It’s easier, one size, generally fits all. Continue reading

Boot Camp: Part I

Boot Week Cover1 Rev


This is the first day of Boot Week, make sure to check out Part II and Part III.

Don’t let global warming fool you. The sneak attack mother nature has planned is coming and there certainly will be no useful warning from the Discovery Channel weather analysts.

But make no mistake there’s weather coming. Inclement weather. Shoes might’ve gotten you this far but what’s coming is aiming for above the ankles.

You need some boots, and it wouldn’t hurt if they were of the impeccably beautiful variety. It’s Boot Week @hommeschooled and for the next three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for those without calendars) I’ll fill you in on the boots you should be looking at.

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Style Vets: Part II

Vintage British DPM Pocket Square


This is the second part of our Veterans Day tribute. Check out the first here.

The military silhouette is the true gift of military style, but don’t be fooled, you may want to check out the gear too.

Here are six of the very best items and details from military style and where to get them. Continue reading