Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

Kai D. Williamsburg


You’ll need to dress well in 2014, too.

Welcome back.

Since it’s the first Monday of the new year let me¬†introduce a store that’ll help with that “well dressed” part. Kai D. Utility re-opened their doors last month, in Williamsburg. Continue reading

Your Air Needs Watering: Humidifiers

20131123-5T9A6712 copy


It’s obviously¬†the apocalypse winter.

The pre-war blast furnace you call a radiator is trying it’s best to turn your apartment into an oven. That’s not good. When you can inhale and burn your nostrils, the air is too dry. And unlike say, being out of paper towels, this is a problem that could actually affect your sleep and your health (no offense paper towels). Here are two, small, beautiful options that’ll keep you feeling at ease through winter’s assault. Continue reading

Brooklyn Stand Up: Shop Guide

Schott A2 Jacket at Smith and Butler


It’s time we took a stroll.

Let’s head to all the blog-worthy men’s shops right over the bridge in Downtown Brooklyn (yes, I call all of this Downtown Brooklyn) and preview the best of their Fall/Winter 2013 menswear. All of these shops have been here well before ahem… LuluLemon and these are my favorite pieces from all the incoming collections. All stocked locally. Brooklyn stand up. Continue reading