The Art and Zen of the Motorcycle Jacket


By: Dale, J Chen, and Celton

There are a litany of style icons that would have you believe the motorcycle jacket is a double black diamond maneuver, reserved for only the most serious practitioners of the sartial arts, and actual rock stars. But the boys of hommeschooled teamed up to show you just how easily it can be done.

Wearing a motorcycle jacket is pretty simple, you still put one arm in after the other, just like The Ramones, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky did. Continue reading

Record Burn

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

By: J Chen

Summer vibes and bones to pick.

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Record Burn

Short Stories EP

By: J Chen

It recently occurred to me that you internet beings may not have any idea what record burn is. So before we dive into our picks, a brief explanation:

Before Soundcloud and Serato, the editor-in-chief and I bought vinyl records. We amassed sizeable vinyl collections over the years; though our vinyl budgets decreased as our obsession for outerwear and overall handsomeness increased — but that’s beside the point. Each time you play a record on a turntable, you physically damage it as the needle tracks the grooves. The result of playing one particular song or section repeatedly is an audible static over the music, and this phenomena is known as record burn.

Knowledge dropped. Now, onto the tunes: Continue reading

Record Burn


By: J Chen

What’s up internets. If you read this site, congratulations, you have great taste. You, unlike all the mouth breathing non-readers of hommeschooled on the web, already know that style is not just about your wares and gear. Style is inside out. Style is a state of mind. Style is zen and nothing gets your mind right like a good record.

This is Record Burn, where we select and share gems of the musical variety that we can’t take off repeat.  We’re a diverse group here, so we’ll feature demos, tracks, mixtapes, albums, etc. from anywhere– obscure 70’s italian disco groups to Young Thug. They all come certified fresh from staff here, so act like you know.  Without further ado, let’s get it: Continue reading