Brooklyn Stand Up: Shop Guide

Schott A2 Jacket at Smith and Butler


It’s time we took a stroll.

Let’s head to all the blog-worthy men’s shops right over the bridge in Downtown Brooklyn (yes, I call all of this Downtown Brooklyn) and preview the best of their Fall/Winter 2013 menswear. All of these shops have been here well before ahem… LuluLemon and these are my favorite pieces from all the incoming collections. All stocked locally. Brooklyn stand up. Continue reading

Bathroom Reading



Swag is not a term used to describe bathrooms. They’re small, cramped, smelly… Not glamorous. But just because you don’t think about your bathroom often doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. When dealing with small spaces, all the space counts. Changing your bathroom into an inviting place is easier than you think. It has to be, there’s not enough room for it to get complicated. Continue reading