Holidays Rescued: Gift Guide Pt. II

Polo Bear Sweater


Along with home gifts, you may want to consider clothing someone else for the holidays. This decision is rife with danger, but here are a few foolproof solutions. Don’t be ashamed if you keep one for yourself. Continue reading

Style Vets: Part II

Vintage British DPM Pocket Square


This is the second part of our Veterans Day tribute. Check out the first here.

The military silhouette is the true gift of military style, but don’t be fooled, you may want to check out the gear too.

Here are six of the very best items and details from military style and where to get them. Continue reading

How to Pass Leather On To Your Kids: Leather Care Guide

Leather Care Cover


The weather got stupid last night and now it’s glove season.

Below 45° and I’m not taking any chances. But before you wrap your hands in deerskin until March, might I suggest cleaning and conditioning your gloves, so they can look as good and hold up as well as you will for the rest of Winter.  Continue reading