Grey Matters: My Trip to Flamekeepers Hat Club


By: Dale

A few weeks ago I had a small problem, I was supposed to buy a light grey suit for a wedding and at the last minute, I didn’t. Instead, I bought a light grey fedora. I knew that wasn’t the point but here we are…

Purchasing a hat when I should’ve purchased a suit wasn’t even the trickiest problem now, the size of the hat, and specifically the size of my head, was.  Continue reading

Menswear Simplified: Introducing Aimé Leon Dore

Wool Fedora, Cable Knit Scarf, Nylon Vest, and Signature Oxford by Aimé Leon Dore.


Menswear is complicated. Layers, trends, fit, etc.

It’d be nice if someone would simplify it by releasing a 13 piece ready to wear collection. One so easy you can mix and match everything and own every piece for $65-$320.

Good thing Aimé Leon Dore exists. Continue reading