Late Afternoon Delight


By: Snax

Memorial Day is unofficially the official start of summer. This week’s post is dedicated to, what will most likely be, the first of several devoted to cool drinks.

After what was supposed to be a half-day at work, I made my way to DUMBO to meet up with some friends. We chose Jacques Torres, the first retail space opened by the famed chocolatier and pastry chef. Continue reading

Go to Hell Denim

Photos by Celton Agpoon


Before mother nature reneges on the whole “having seasons” thing and plunges us back into polar vortex hell…

Spring is here, let’s celebrate, defiantly.

Leave your coat open, put on shoes instead of boots, and replace your indigo with white. That’s right, your denim should be white this Spring. Take that, Winter. Continue reading