Welcome to The Fare


I can hardly believe it, Hommeschooled turns one today!

I’d like to thank my loyal readers, none of this would be possible, or worth it, without you.

But now that Hommeschooled is one year old, moving around on it’s own and eating solid foods, it’s time to expand my vision. The first brand new section of the site is near and dear to my heart and will launch today, it’s focused on incredibly delicious things.

Welcome to The Fare. Continue reading

WP Lavori to Open First North American Flagship Store in Brooklyn

WP Lavori Store


Japan, Italy, France, England. They’re all so… inconveniently located.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but they make some of the best clothing on earth. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to cross ocean to see some of the world’s best menswear all in one place. All on say, Smith Street in Brooklyn.

Blissfully, 30 year old Italian company WP Lavori is going to make that happen. They’re going to open their first flagship store in this hemisphere, right here in Brooklyn. Continue reading

The Temple of Jupiter, and Other Beautiful Things

The Temple of Jupiter


You never realized the full potential of steel wire.

Luckily for you, Rodger Stevens did. He is the Yoda of steel wire. Also luckily for you, Goose Barnacle decided to host a few (a lot) of his wire sculptures at their gallery opening in their Brooklyn shop last night. Hommeschooled was on hand to take in the gin art. Continue reading

Brooklyn Stand Up: Shop Guide

Schott A2 Jacket at Smith and Butler


It’s time we took a stroll.

Let’s head to all the blog-worthy men’s shops right over the bridge in Downtown Brooklyn (yes, I call all of this Downtown Brooklyn) and preview the best of their Fall/Winter 2013 menswear. All of these shops have been here well before ahem… LuluLemon and these are my favorite pieces from all the incoming collections. All stocked locally. Brooklyn stand up. Continue reading