News Stand


Recently I answered a survey.

To make a medium story short, now EsquireOutdoor PhotographyThe Atlantic, and Elle (for the lady) are delivered monthly to my door, gratis.

That seemed like a great deal until I remembered people only read things on the Internet now. Something feels particularly bad about throwing away magazines that are only a few weeks old so here are the seven most beautiful things to store them in. They may even make you renew your survey subscriptions. Continue reading

A Little Wish List


Last Sunday was my birthday. I applaud your continued celebration.

Since I was doing a little wishing, here are seven items that make my wish list. I really swing for the fences. Continue reading

A Semi-Necessary Table: Coffee Tables Part I

smart-round-marble-top-coffee-table (1)


I don’t own a coffee table, by myself it’s unnecessary. I generally eat things out of whatever container they were delivered in. Plates are for company. But the girlfriend brought up a coffee table for our next space, so… happy her, happy me, and my search began.

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You’re going to have good great ideas.

And you can’t have them at a poorly lit desk. It’s 2014, year of basking in a gloriously lit abode (and also of the horse). Let’s light your good side a little better with a lighting upgrade. Continue reading

Storage Sculpture



Once in awhile you see something you need. This is not one of those times. But you’d be amazed what you can convince yourself of.

Do you need a coat rack that looks like this? No. But do you want a coat rack that looks like this? Well… Yes. Continue reading