Holidays Rescued: Gift Guide Pt. III



By this time you’re so knee deep in holiday panic you’ll give just about anything. That’s stupid. There are still some gifts to be had, and when in doubt, books or charity.

Let’s get into it since, honestly, you don’t have any more time to waste. Welcome to pt. III of the Holidays Rescued Gift Guide Series. Continue reading

Put A Book on That Coffee Table!

Clarks in Jamaica


If your coffee table is noticeably… bare.

Then maybe it’s time to look like you read. Or at least look like you like pictures and a small amount of reading. Get a coffee table book worthy of sitting next to you often, and intriguing others… often.  Continue reading

Frank & Dean & Sammy & Peter & Joey.

20131010-2013-10-10 21.04.36 HDR


There are coffee table books, and then there are coffee table booksThis is the latter.

A book so legendary, that other venerable books (magazines) needed to celebrate it’s release last Thursday. Spoiler alert: it’s about the Rat Pack; and Paul Stuart held a party co-hosted by Esquire Magazine to display it’s magnificence. Naturally Hommeschooled was in attendance. Continue reading