Kai D. is In the Details… and Williamsburg

Kai D. Williamsburg


You’ll need to dress well in 2014, too.

Welcome back.

Since it’s the first Monday of the new year let me introduce a store that’ll help with that “well dressed” part. Kai D. Utility re-opened their doors last month, in Williamsburg. Continue reading

Pyro Techniques



It’s getting cold.

These are built to hold fire.

I’d end the post there but you may be wondering what these are. If you guessed anything other than wall mounted candleholders, you’d be wrong. Welcome to part VII of the Apartment Series, let’s begin.

Continue reading

Bathroom Reading



Swag is not a term used to describe bathrooms. They’re small, cramped, smelly… Not glamorous. But just because you don’t think about your bathroom often doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. When dealing with small spaces, all the space counts. Changing your bathroom into an inviting place is easier than you think. It has to be, there’s not enough room for it to get complicated. Continue reading