IKEA, 2014 Vintage

IKEA's Pendant Lamps from the PS 2014 Collection.


Everyone has an IKEA-something.

IKEA makes excellent furniture, that’s why.

And the price for that excellence is usually cheap modest. But every now and then IKEA goes “limited edition”. They’ve just released a stunning collection with a team of gifted young designers from all over the globe. Most importantly, the prices will still be cheap modest. Continue reading

Look, No Hands



It’s the little things.

Like this automatic soap dispenser from Simplehuman.

I’m a big fan of investing, however modestly, in the items you use every day. Whereas you may be inclined to spend extra on that blender, or a tool, what about where you get your soap? You use it every day (right?). Continue reading

Pyro Techniques



It’s getting cold.

These are built to hold fire.

I’d end the post there but you may be wondering what these are. If you guessed anything other than wall mounted candleholders, you’d be wrong. Welcome to part VII of the Apartment Series, let’s begin.

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The New Hearth



The air is crisp, football season has begun, the leaves will begin to change, the fireplace is… nonexistent. Where will you and friends gather in a semicircle to regale each other with feats of strength and achievement? Welcome to another installment of the Apartment Series. Part VI to be exact…

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Storage Sculpture



Once in awhile you see something you need. This is not one of those times. But you’d be amazed what you can convince yourself of.

Do you need a coat rack that looks like this? No. But do you want a coat rack that looks like this? Well… Yes. Continue reading