Style Icon: Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr.


A career spanning six decades of old Hollywood is impressive. Being a Black Jewish man with a legendary career spanning six decades in the golden age of Hollywood is incredible. Oh, and he was part of a little group called The Rat Pack.

Routinely one of the best dressed men in a sea of best dressed men, in honor of black history month, our second Style Icon…

Mr. Sammy Davis Jr.

Before Kanye captured hearts and minds with Through the Wire after his near fatal car crash, Sammy Davis Jr. lost his left eye in a 1954 car wreck that almost killed him. Naturally, “Mr. Entertainment” was back on stage within weeks wearing an eye patch and a tuxedo.

Sammy Davis JR. was the epitome of a performer. He sang, danced, acted, and looked flawlessly doing it. He wore a tux like most men wear pajamas, effortlessly.

Here Sammy is demonstrating what he knows best, the tuxedo. This is still how to do it right, sometimes black tie means black tie. He keeps his lines clean and finishes with a satin bow tie and very current notch lapels (these are acceptable on tuxes again). He only gets fancy with the contrast stitching on his pleated tuxedo shirt. Simple and elegant, just like you want to be. Publicity shot, mid 1950s.

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