Style Equation Part II

Adjust your Comfort Zone. Safely…



We’re going to have to broaden your comfort zone.

This is the second post in the Style Theory Series. Check out Part I, I’ll wait.

Now, we’ve all tried some daring style choices. Some of them have worked out, others have left friends puzzled, relatives worried, and passersby… also puzzled. You just didn’t look comfortable. But unless you put on something particularly garish (we’re not talking white jeans after Labor Day here) it probably wasn’t the clothing that was wrong, it was how you wore that clothing.

When I first put on a real hat, I didn't feel quite right...

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The style equation is more than just confidence. You must layer confidence and wear that clothing comfortably. We’ve all seen lookbooks, models, celebrities, and streetstyle photographs, that just looked “off”. Those gents just weren’t comfortable in what they were wearing, even if they may have been confident. That’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid…

That’s not to say you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone, but alternatively, what you want to do is bring that daring piece into your comfort zone. The goal is to broaden, not necessarily shift it, until you feel at ease in all manner, style, and formality of clothing. Comfort is integral in developing your personal style. It’s what will set you apart from the throngs of #menswear subscribers. It’s also a benchmark. If you’re not comfortable, it may not be for you, and again, that’s okay too. We’re all different.

Here’s a little technique I developed for broadening my own comfort zone. It’s called practice wears. If ever I’m feeling particularly daring (often), I’ll put on that piece a few hours before I leave. I’ll go about my business as usual, and at first it feels… strange. But just like practicing anything new, it becomes more natural the more you do it.

You’ll stop fidgeting with it, adjusting it, even remembering it. After awhile you won’t notice it at all, and it’ll only get easier from there. And once you’ve forgotten about it, you’ll be at your best.

Practice wears works with a lot of first time things, turtlenecks, slim trousers, sport coats (although you should be fine with this one by now), scarves (a personal favorite), and hats. It works very well with hats…

It works so well in fact, that I documented the first time I attempted a proper hat. National Geographic, time lapse style below. But you don’t have to take my word for it!

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