Style Equation Part I

Style Lessons via World of Warcraft… Wait, What?



This is the first post in the Style Theory Series. Careful, knowledge is heavy.

There is no doubt in my mind that you know someone who went to fashion week¬†plays World of Warcraft. A lot… And you love them in spite of it. Your eyes glaze over whenever they talk about raiding, PvP, end game… or really anything related. Likewise their eyes glaze over whenever you talk about layering, summer essentials, dub monks… or really anything related. But while the differences are cataclysmic (bonus points alert), you’ve got something to learn from each other.

So what exactly does World of Warcraft have to do with style? Quite a bit actually. Wait… What?

20130912-Craig Tux

Not in a literal sense, it has to do with purpose and reason. In the game, avatars purposefully don progressively more and more situationally powerful armor. Read: their armor gives them boosted attributes. You should be doing the same thing in real life. You should be outfitting yourself with clothing that gives you progressively more and more confidence. You should be “stacking” this attribute when you get dressed. Each item you put on should add to your confidence level.

Think about that, each item. That means socks, undershirt, underwear, etc., not just outerwear, pants, and shirts. This doesn’t mean that each item should be expensive, no, the cost of your clothing should be directly proportional to how much confidence each item gives you. Which is to say each item should be directly proportional to how much you care about it and are willing to spend. And since you, dear reader, are not an anonymous computer image, you should care a lot. Is the hand work in a bespoke suit going to put you over the edge? Then fork over the cash (approx. $4,000+). If that doesn’t do it for you or is a little “end game”, then try a ready-to-wear version.

But confidence doesn’t stop at the money level. Surely expensive items can add to your confidence level, that’s what the whole “aspirational” market is about. But merely adding expensive items is not what clothing boosting your confidence, or style, is about. Better fitting clothing, correct color palettes, textures, and patterns, when successfully employed,¬†all add to your confidence level no matter the cost.

Now, we’ve all seen supremely confident individuals look awful. I’m looking at you “bros”, celebs, costumey fashionistas, and the “I don’t give a shit” crowd, alike. However that’s what style should be all about. It should be unique. And if that’s what gives you confidence who says you shouldn’t rock it (Rick Owens wearers)? Besides if everyone wore dub monks they wouldn’t be so… oh wait, never mind.

And if after all of this you still don’t care about clothing boosting your confidence, you can always stay inside and play World of Warcraft…

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