My floor space is sacred.

I won’t put anything on it that isn’t worth every square inch. That’s why I decided to put this Shoe Valet from Brooks Brothers in the corner of my living room. Think of it as an infinitely more useful vintage typewriter. It smells better too.

I saw this at the end of last year during a Christmas gift browse through the Brooks Brothers website; I knew my shoes needed more love than I gave them. It sold out during the holidays but when it popped up in their recent shoes and accessories sale I didn’t hesitate.

It’s a very attractive box. It’s made of cedar that feels freshly sanded and has a very fragrant aroma. But this shoe valet isn’t decoration, it contains two genuine horsehair brushes, two genuine horsehair daubers, polishing cloths, black and brown shoe cream, and plenty more room for other shoe care magic. The shoe cream has good reviews and most kits like this are much more expensive.

The best part is each item is beautiful. Put a little old world charm back into your routine by shining your own shoes. It’s something akin to straight razor shaving, chopping firewood, or making something. It builds character.

But it helps to have gorgeous tools.

Find the Brooks Brothers Cedar Shoe Valet here.

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