Record Burn


By: J Chen

Music to get laid to, even more Brainfeeder shit and Kendrick’s Butterfly Effect.

The Internet – Special Affair


Truthfully, the slow disbanding of Odd Future has been sad to witness, and I wouldn’t remotely call myself a fan. Rap has had a few transcendent collectives/movements and while I wasn’t really checking for their music (outside of Earl or Frank), that fuck-your-couch attitude they presented seemed natural enough to satisfy the hater in me. Then again, all of those guys were just teenagers when they blew up so it should come as no surprise that they split. Interestingly enough, as the artists of the collective distance themselves from one another, their respective musical output has become 10000% more intriguing. Exhibit A is this single by The Internet, a seductive number that’s way steamier than they had any business releasing, particularly for a group separating from a collective where the KTA, as in OFWGKTA, is literally “Kill Them All”.

Thundercat – Them Changes


Another edition of Record Burn, yet another Brainfeeder feature.  If you’ve seen Kendrick’s performance on Colbert, you may have wondered whom the eccentric bassist dude in the awesome wolf pelt was on stage. That man is Thundercat, and this track is as good as any to get to know the man behind the pelt. Fresh off of contributing to Kendrick’s Butterfly buzz, he hits us with the much anticipated studio version of “Them Changes”. While you don’t get the visual of his virtuosity on bass nor a peek at the mad scientist Moog FX setup he uses in his stellar live performance, he still delivers, channelling heartache into layers of sloppy funk over a very… familiar… break.  Cheer up Thundercat, with those Kendrick residuals, you gon’ be alright.


Knxwledge – Hud Dreems


While his production feature and Kendrick’s Butterfly Effect is opening new doors for the LA based beat wizard, do not get it twisted– Knxwledge has been putting in work. Before the breakthrough, he was already prolific, several volumes of remixes and beats deep, without a major or indie distributor. For his first officially distributed release, it’s only right that he join Stones Throw, the indie rap institution and label who has had moderate success with producers here and there.

Knx doesn’t change up the formula he’s experimented with for years but his mastery is on full display. He keeps it simple, opting for simple loops in lieu of heavy chops.  Always working in layers on a lo-fi canvas, he fuses bits and pieces from any variety of sample sources, from soul records to speaking parts from rap acapellas. That dusty aesthetic distills the elements, bringing it all together melodically and hypnotizing you rhythmically with a loose, warped feel. His bandcamp projects have always been more lo-fi collage than beat tape and for his first distributed release, Hud Dreems is certainly no different.

Selections: mylife, noflowrs[instrw], aintitovr, time&tide

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