Pyro Techniques



It’s getting cold.

These are built to hold fire.

I’d end the post there but you may be wondering what these are. If you guessed anything other than wall mounted candleholders, you’d be wrong. Welcome to part VII of the Apartment Series, let’s begin.


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It’s no secret how much the right lighting can alter your space and your mood. Nothing is softer, is as impressive, or makes people look more attractive, than a little candlelight. These wall mounted versions are what you didn’t even know you were looking for until now.

Once mounted, they fit well within the principles we’ve established for small space design; they occupy bare vertical wall space, keeping the eye moving upward, conserve surface space, and can dramatically alter the feel of a room when fully lit. You’ll need twenty-one tea lights, seven each, to achieve this effect, but it’s worth it. And I’ll show you a few other candleholders later.

Either way, the trick here is multiples. These are sold separately but a trio of candleholders will give off enough light for say, dinner, a movie, and really any other thing you’d like to do by candlelight. Have them lit before company arrives, it’s more impressive that way, trust me.

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5 thoughts on “Pyro Techniques

  1. Loved the piece on pyro the lighting is absolutely fantastic. Really nice job for what seems to be not overly expensive pieces, in other words, great visual impact, classy and beautiful. thanks

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