Planning is Now Your Strong Suit



Your wardrobe.

Think about it.

Now think about what your wardrobe would look like if you had a plan.┬áSince Spring collections have arrived, and the last of the Winter sales have come and gone, it’s time to make a buying plan.

This is a good idea whether you’ve got designers you can’t pronounce in your closet or have no idea if you can wear black shoes with a navy suit (you can). A buying plan will give you the chance to assess your wardrobe’s strengths, weaknesses, and keep you from frivolous impulse purchases.

Think about what your wardrobe needs. What do you lack? What do you wish you had more of? What did you see that you wanted to try? Was there anything that inspired you last year?

Perhaps you need more sweaters, a somewhat common problem. You can look for cotton/cashmere versions for Spring or wait until the heavier stuff rolls in during Fall. But either way you’ve identified a target, your target is sweaters.

Maybe you’ve found a color palette that works for you or you’ve decided to invest heavily in a few cornerstone items. The buying plan will keep you on track when the inevitable discounts or “thing you didn’t know existed” starts begging for your cash.

Use the buying plan to identify holes in your wardrobe or chances you want to take. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on it and follow through by purchasing the things you love more frequently and forgetting the things that merely catch your eye.

Here are some items I’ve identified and put into my own buying plan for the year.

This might be a birthday present to myself. I need a black pair of shoes, but I won't take just any pair, the classic and beautiful Thom Browne pebbled grain Longwings. I generally don't like longwings but these are too gorgeous to pass up.

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Now that you’re going to make a buying plan, what’s on yours?

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