Let There Be Light, and Other Things: The Best of ICFF


By: Dale

ICFF is huge, not only evidenced by their occupation of the first and third floors of the Javits Center or by their gigantic banner, but because they are the crown jewel of New York Design Week.

Luxury furniture designers from around the world come to display their best, and next, greatest designs. Here are a few of my favorites straight from the showroom floor, and since I’m a lighting snob, they’re almost all lights.

A collection of Plumen 001 and Plumen 002 pendant lights. I've written about them before but they are truly stunning.

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I steered clear of the golden skeletons, flying trapeze lights, and human-sized marble mazes that were on display, and there were plenty of those. I wanted to show you some of the more practical pieces. Items I thought would look gorgeous in your (or my) space.

As soon as I entered the vast showroom I was immediately captivated by all the beautiful lighting displays. Lighting is one of the easiest, and most space efficient methods of transforming the mood of your space. Invest heavily, mood is important.

Predictably, my favorite pieces were things that glowed, but those weren’t the only designs on display. Here are a few of the best non-electric designs from this year’s ICFF.

The Live Edge Black Walnut Slab dining table from Cherrywood Studio is one of the most beautiful live edge tables I've ever seen. This custom job from the Canadian design house is stunning with it's curved steel base.

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If you ever have the chance to go, you should. A trade show like this is just as good for inspiration as it is for information. Use them both wisely and I hope to see you at ICFF 2016.

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