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Here’s another new section of the blog where I’ll post links that I find interesting.

Cary Grant on Style

GQ reprints an article by Mr. Cary Grant on style, written by himself. Pretty self explanatory. You’ll want to print this and keep it pinned to the inside of your sport coat.

Cary Grant’s Sunglasses

And speaking of Cary Grant, Slate declares his sunglasses in North by Northwest the coolest thing anyone has ever worn. Ever. I’m not sure I agree but I can’t think of any better right now…

Angel’s Share

Gallivant profiles one of my favorite bars. Great painting hanging above the bar too. Limit your party to 4 and under or you won’t get seated.

Nest Protect

Someone has fixed the smoke detector. BLTD turns us on to a re-imagined fire alarm that can finally tell the difference between “I’m searing a steak” and “I’m burning my f*cking house down”.

OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left the Building

With Basketball season right around the corner, revisit one of the best articles on Jordan to have ever been written. Let’s not forget, when we were watching Michael Jordan play we knew he was the best human being to have ever played the game of basketball. If you watched him, without the shadow of a doubt, you knew. 

Thought: Go see Gravity in IMAX 3D, it is a classic of our time.

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