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Metro-North Train Derails

Timothy Clary/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


Post-Thanksgiving, all hell has broken loose. Here’s exactly what you need to know.

4 Dead in Metro-North Train Derailment in the Bronx

I ride this train all the time. I’ve been asleep on this route going to that exact spot literally hundreds of times. Scary, my condolences go out to anyone affected by this tragedy. (via The New York Times)

7 Ways Sex and the City Has Lied to Women

I’ve been saying this for years, but probably because I’m not a woman and have seen only 10ish episodes, no one has listened. Well here it is, the seven (I’m sure there are more) most egregious ways the series has lied to women for two decades. I’d also argue that now they’d have be millionaires to live like that but hey, it started in 1993, things were cheaper.

Grooming Secrets of the NBA

Less jump shot and more facial, NBA players, the most visible of all athletes, are stepping up their grooming game along with their #menswear game. It’s not surprising, they’re the biggest stars we have in American sports and they’ve got to smile for the camera. I’m sure the European footballers were way ahead of them on this anyway. (via The Wall Street Journal)

Slaves of the Internet, Unite!

A handy guide to purchasing artistic things. They’re not free. That’s not to say they can’t be free, but they’re not always free, and the budget can’t always be zero. Whether it’s music, writing, photography, illustration, whatever, it’s all craftsmanship and it’s time the crafters get some money. Everyone’s gotta pay rent. (via the New York Times)

Paul Walker Fast and Furious

‘Fast & Furious’ Star Paul Walker Killed in Car Crash

In more sad news, the star of the 6-movie (he was filming a 7th) franchise “Fast & Furious’ died last night in a car crash. He was attending an event for his charity Reach Out WorldWide when the car he was in hit a light pole and burst into flames. He was the passenger. He was 40 years old. (via CNN)

Thought: I didn’t buy anything on black Friday. Odd sense of relief and failure.

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