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Welcome back to this week’s round of internets.

How to Fix iMessage’s Read Receipts: A Proposal

Text messages can be a source of much social angst for Millenials. But it’s not the text itself, but rather the time in between when the messages are sent. You know, when see the grey bubble with ellipses indicating that the person on the other end has received it and is (hopefully) writing up a response? Yeah that one. It’s not so bad when said person on the other end is actually writing up their draft, but what happens when you see that grey bubble, only for it to disappear and not appear again? You have a meltdown. A true modern day first world problem if there ever was one. Now, Apple’s received/read feature in the iMessage system can be one-sided in that you can turn this feature on and off and continue to receive an unlimited number of receipts without ever sending one yourself. The fix then seems pretty easy: if you decide to turn off this feature, you can’t receive receipts either. (via Gawker)

Jun Takahashi, Undercover’s Elegant Punk  

Jun Takahashi’s label, Undercover, is turning 25 this year. To celebrate, an exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery showing the label’s work over the years. Takahashi attended Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion School without any idea what he wanted to do or what direction he wanted to take. It was only after seeing his first Comme des Garçons show that he came to realize that fashion can be thought of as being completely free in creative expression, so “it doesn’t matter if it’s avant-garde or street: creativity is creativity”, as said by Rei Kawakubo. With that in mind, Takahashi started Undercover in 1990. Takahashi draws inspiration from youth culture, music, movies, and the idea of rebellion — infusing his interpretations of these concepts into his designs. Despite being around for some time now, Takahashi feels there’s no shortages of ideas, but rather the challenge is being able to realize them. (via Business of Fashion)

 Saturday Night Live Gets Trumped 

Donald Trump hosted SNL a few weekends ago. The appearance on the show didn’t really expose weaknesses he has as a candidate that we didn’t already know, nor did it make fun of him in the same way SNL made fun of Sarah Palin. In fact, Trump’s frequent appearances on the news already did that. The focus for SNL was more towards Trump voters and the weaknesses of the people who are drawn to him – best portrayed by the character of “Drunk Uncle”. But Trump’s followers weren’t the only ones being made fun of, the Trump bashers and haters on the other side of the spectrum were also mocked. In the end, his appearance on the show was nothing of substantial value, only more gloss, something he does not need. (via The New Yorker)

 What Bill Simmons will be doing at HBO

Bill Simmons is moving to HBO. First thing on his list will be a documentary on Andre the Giant! (via Page Six)

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