Lazy Sundays

By: Celton

Welcome back to this week’s round of the Internets. Remember to turn your clocks back an hour, but your internet connected devices probably already did that for you.

Drake: Rapper, Actor, Meme

I’ve heard Hotline Bling so many times now (I admit it’s gotten a little stale but I’ll still listen to it anyway) — from pushing repeat on my Soundcloud four months ago after it’s initial release, to the constant plays it gets on radio airwaves. A pure product of the internet, Hotline was first released in July under Drake’s Soundcloud as a complimentary track to Meek Mill’s diss track, Charged Up. Fast forward to about two weeks ago when the video was released, it has turned Drake into a colossal internet meme. For the fans, it is all about being able to apply personal touches to their object of adoration (Drake, duh). And Drake understands this and grasps the mechanisms of internet obsession better than any artist. Just look at the way the video is shot: Drake dancing in front of a blank background with lights, it is practically pleading to be made into a gif! Lo and behold, just a few hours after the release, the internet was flooded with tons of memes and gifs. Naturally, Drake anticipated all of this happening. (via The New York Times)

Why Fashion is Crashing

Raf Simons is leaving Dior as it’s creative director of three and a half years for “personal reasons”. The schedule and demands for any designer, especially at a major luxury house, can be overwhelming and grueling. Some designers, like Raf, also have to balance heading a major brand with their own eponymous label. From preparing for each season’s shows, advertising campaigns, interviews, store openings, global visits, and social media — it’s difficult to imagine how any designer can keep up with the pace, while retaining a personal life. You can’t. It is easy to see why some designers have adopted protective mechanisms, like Hedi Slimane immediately going back to his home in LA after a show in Paris, or Phoebe Philo who refused to move to Paris from her home in England. Creatives are being asked to take on too much and do even more. So props to Raf for leaving in order to get some time for himself back. Yet, his vacancy leaves a spot open for someone else to take on — a much more daunting outlook in this context. (via Vogue)

Glenn O’Brien Talks Art, Fashion, and the TMZ-ification of America

An interview with Glenn O’Brien, who is basically the man. Check it out. (via Details)

Goodnight and Thank You, Grantland
If you haven’t heard, ESPN has abruptly cancelled Grantland, widely known for delivering highly quality content and some of the best writing, from a wide range of topics in sports and culture. Let’s all take a minute and mourn it’s passing. (via The Atlantic)

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