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By: Celton

Welcome back to this week’s best of the internets (where is the summer going?)

On Instagram, the Summer You’re Not Having

Let’s face it, everyone’s life on social media appears to be the greatest thing ever. Summering in Naples, eating pizza (I see you Chrissy Teigen)? Can I be John Legend for, like, a day? Attending various music festivals around the world, surrounded by some of the most incredibly attractive women? Nope, not you. Partying on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza and rubbing elbows with celebrities while lavishly drinking champagne? I’m getting increasingly depressed by the minute. Chances are you and I are not lucky enough to live these kind of lives. We are the 9-5′ers slaving away at our desks, enviously scrolling through our Instagram and Facebook feeds on our phones at these visually stunning images. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology examined the emotional effects of exactly this. The results? Not at all surprising — seeing other people’s awesome posts leads to envy, which in turn makes people feel worse overall. So do yourself a favor, stop looking (I know, harder said than done) and go live your life, your real life. (via The New York Times)

The Decline of “Urbanwear” as the Uniform of Hip Hop, and the Rise of Rap Couture

Hip Hop and fashion have always gone hand in hand — the expression of yourself through your music and how well you presented yourself with the way you dressed. Back in the 90s, when baggy jeans and shirts were the look, brands like Karl Kani, FUBU, Sean John, and Marc Ecko to name a few, dominated the scene and were referenced by rappers in their music. Many of these brands are now defunct or their sales have substantially fallen, replaced by high fashion labels such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Balmain. The decline of streetwear brands was due to the over saturation of the market, which ultimately led to it’s loss of cachet as retailers scaled back. Yet, streetwear continues to leave it’s mark and lives on through many of the innovative and boundary-pushing European labels. It remains an influential imprint on many of high fashion’s creative directors, just look at what Ricardo Tisci is doing over at Givenchy. (via Quartz)


Irina Yulieva

What’s It’s Like Growing in Russia Today?

Irina Yulieva grew up in Russia during the collapse of the Soviet Union. A very stark contrast to what you and I remember growing up in our respective cities or towns. Picture: a whole country in chaos, shops with empty shelves and you could only obtain food by exchanging coupons during the mad rush after work and school. Irina remembers these times very well and recalls her experiences when she photographs her young daughter, their relatives, her friends, and the town locals. These nostalgic feelings of youth became Irina’s artistic starting point. Check these pictures out. (via Dazed)

 Here’s What Happened at the Supreme Fall/Winter 2015 Drop

It’s that time again, Supreme dropped their newest collection for the fall and the sea of hypebeasts and various fuccbois lined up to cop the latest wares. Emily Oberg is doing God’s work, watch these hilarious interviews. I want that red Supreme crowbar though, because reasons. (via Complex)

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