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It’s August already? Welcome back to another round of this week’s internets

Have Creative Directors Become Bigger Than the Brands They Work For?

Alexander Wang, Hedi Slimane, Ricardo Tischi, John Galliano, and Kris Van Assche are some of the biggest fashion names currently running fashion’s iconic houses (AWang now parting ways with Balenciaga). Over the years, creative directors have moved around from one fashion house to another, establishing a fan base and forging their own signature look and ethos. Their names are some of the most recognizable in the fashion industry, which begs the question of whether the personal brand of the creative directors are now bigger than the fashion houses themselves. It is, perhaps, the traditions and legacy of the houses clashing with creative, artistic freedom and modernization of the creative directors heading them. At the moment, it seems that loyalty of the consumer is rooted towards the creative talents heading the brand — which makes sense, since they are responsible for the product design themselves. Speaking personally, I’ve been a fan of Slimane ever since he headed up Dior and re-introduced skinny suiting for men during the early 2000s. I’ve followed him and his signature look to YSL. Ultimately, product is what drives consumer loyalty, so it only makes sense that most people are drawn towards the individual talent than the brand as a whole. (via Highsnobiety)

Bodegas Declining as Rents Rise and Chains Grow 

Growing up in New York City, the corner bodegas were part of the streetscape of my childhood. Bodegas are stores that have pretty much everything a typical New Yorker might need and they generally open 24 hours. You never know when you might need groceries, deodorant, a bag of chips, cigarettes, lottery tickets, or an egg sandwich at 3 in the morning. Sadly, more and more bodegas are closing and being squeezed out of their own neighborhoods due to increasing rent. Rent is the biggest expense for these small business owners. In a city where space is limited and competition is fierce for these spaces, the ceiling for commercial rent only becomes that much higher. And this problem is compounded by the increasing number of chain stores appearing in the area — they threaten small business owners due to their ability to purchase in bulk. The changing demographics of the neighborhoods plays a role as well– people that used to live in these areas can no longer afford it and so existing bodegas need a shift in what they offer and renovate to match these changes to remain competitive. Thankfully there are legislations aimed to protect small business owners, because it would be unfortunate and heartbreaking to see New York lose more of it’s character. (via New York Times)

10 Former Internet Trolls Explain Why They Quit Being Jerks

The lawlessness and anonymity of the internet is the perfect platform for people to act like assholes and get away with it… you know, act like fucking trolls. So that old adage ‘Don’t feed the trolls’? Well, are we actually feeding these ‘reformed’ trolls by giving them the spotlight here at Hommeschooled?! (via Kotaku)

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