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Charged up for this week’s round of the internets

A $4 Billion Renovation Won’t Fix LaGuardia’s Awful Delays 

LaGuardia airport is, for a lack of better word, shitty. It’s old, dingy, with water stained ceilings, and dreary lighting. The airport is in such a sad state that our very own governor publicly called it a disgrace. It really is that bad — it’s consistently ranked as the worst airport in the country. Anyone who’s flown through LaGuardia would welcome the renovation and redesign. However, the biggest reason why the airport is consistently rated so poorly by so many is the frequent flight delays. The air traffic in the New York metropolitan region is too congested, and a redesign of the facilities won’t necessarily solve that problem — an improvement of the air traffic management system is also needed. But hey, at least your wait at the airport will be a little more pleasant with nicer bathrooms and better restaurants. (via Wired)

Memes Worth More Than Money?: Meek Mill And Drake’s Rap Battle Isn’t As Clear Cut As It Seems

Earlier last week, Meek Mill accused Drake on Twitter of not writing his own lyrics and having too many of his lines written by co-writers, with the reference track to 10 Bands leaked as proof. The reason? It’s pretty silly and ridiculous: Drake did not promote Meek Mill’s album (lol). In response, Drake immediately released two polished diss tracks, Charged Up and Back to Back, which effectively puts Meek Mill in his place. In comparison, it took Meek Mill nine days to follow up with a response after starting the beef, yet his follow up felt disjointed and haphazard. Drake’s maneuverings were calculated and executed with ease and guile, which brings up the point, if the whole thing was orchestrated from the beginning — knowing it would be an easy win with a lot of money to be made from it. For now, the questions of Drake’s authenticity and authorship have vanished through the barrage of hilarious memes on social media. For some, the takeaway is, the end product is what matters — who cares who writes it, so long as the finished article is delivered well. While for others, it’s purely for the entertainment value. (via Noisey)

The Reason Every Meme Uses That One Font

In light of all the comical and gut-busting Drake/Meek Mill memes, here’s a look at the history of the meme typeface. (via Vox)

Up In the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around The World For Free

Meet Ben Schlappig, a professional air mile collector. Ben is part of a group called The Hobbyists, who spend their time finding inventive ways to acquire airline points and using them to travel in style around the world. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, no? Well, for all the flying he does, he rarely leaves the airport before jumping on another flight. Rooting your life to an airplane seat sounds like a sad one after all the gloss is gone. (via Rolling Stone)

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