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By: Celton

We’re back again for the best of the Internets for this week

Kepler 452b: What To Know About This Newly-Found, Maybe Earth-like World

NASA on Thursday announced that the Kepler Space Telescope has found a planet that is very similar Earth. This is huge. Considering us humans are already destroying this planet (see global warming) and gobbling up resources at an alarming rate, we definitely need a back up plan. But before we start packing our bags and thinking about ways to eat up this new planet Galactus style, just know that this place is 1,400 light years away… so unless we discover a way to travel faster than light in the near future we can’t get there with present technology. So ultimately, we’re still doomed right? Yes… but on the bright side, this means we are probably very close to finding evidence of life existing beyond our planet. (via Mashable)

Why Is It So Hard To Get a Great Bagel In California?

Everybody knows that the New York City bagel is an institution, and you can see why — everyone else seems to struggle to replicate this beautiful and delicious piece of bread, especially our brethren over on the West Coast. A popular myth about what makes the New York City bagel so good is the water that gets fed down to the city from upstate, however this has been debunked. Sure the water can play a role, but not an integral one. What really makes the NYC bagel so good lies in the baking techniques and methods that we use here. It’s hard to imagine why other cities simply can’t follow them. Which begs the question if the problem is really a cultural one: are other bakers, specifically California bakers, too interested in innovation and artistic expression? (via The New York Times)

Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee

This is pretty much spot on. Hallie Cantor is my spirit animal, read this for the laughs. (via New Yorker)

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