Lazy Sundays

                                 Photo Illustration by Cristiana Couceiro; photographs by Tom Jamieson for The New York Times

By: Celton

After a holiday weekend last week, some wholesome Internet goodness.

Runway Fantasies and the Regular Guy

Two times a year, fashion designers, retail buyers, the media, celebrities, and fashion conscious athletes come together in Paris, London, Milan, and New York to decide what to wear for the next season. In your typical day, there’s about 20 shows that happen and this will continue for about two weeks; that’s a lot to take in. What should we take away from fashion shows? Should it be about how to dress or is there something more — the artistry and the inspiration? Well, it’s both, it just depends on which perspective you look through. There are designers that focus their presentations on building a wardrobe with clothes that anyone can wear, while others focus on the art. What separates the really stylish people from the rest, is the ability to marry and balance these perspectives together. Let’s face it, many of the runway looks won’t necessarily translate well on the street. The idea is to treat these shows like a buffet — pick and choose what works for you. (via NYTimes)

The Influencer A Decade of Soulja Boy

In a time where validation comes in the form of likes and social media followers on the internet, influence is a powerful thing — it is sought after. You don’t have to necessarily be “good” if you have influence. On the surface, this thought can be a little soul crushing. Why can’t being “good” be enough? Blame it on social media, our self branding obsession, and DIY culture. Soulja Boy is the perfect example: he may not be the most talented musician, his “talent” lies in his maneuverings in the digital landscape to gain influence. The more you understand what goes into trying to influence everyone on the internet, you begin to respect the hustle and the ability to out-hustle everyone else trying to do same thing. (via Pitchfork)

Naked Bieber, Jacked Aubrey, and a Life-Altering Question: Should I Get Swoll?

Rembert Browne’s hilarious existential crisis and eventual self-realization on getting in shape. Just read it. (via Grantland)

Everything You Need to Know About the ChickenShack Sandwich at Shake Shack

If you live in New York, you’ve probably already heard the news that Shake Shack now has their own fried chicken sandwich. A response to Dave Chang’s chicken sandwich over at Fuku? Perhaps, but it’s good for us that there’s another awesome chicken sandwich to choose from! Anyway, the hype was so real that Shake Shack had to suspend orders until later this week because they ran out. If you’re like me and did not try and get one earlier last week (or Snax), guess we have to wait. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about it. (via Eater)

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